Getting Started

Initial phone conversation

This is an opportunity for you to share your individual situation and what your organizational challenges are. I have great respect for those people willing to seek help. What I hope to give and receive in every interaction with my clients is open, honest, and respectful communication. If we don't have that we will not have a successful working relationship.

Given the personal nature of this work, if during this conversation either of us sense that we may not be a good fit, my responsibility is to refer you to one of my colleagues that I feel may be better suited to your personality and situation.

At the end of the conversation, if each of us feels that we can work well together we will schedule a time for an in home assessment.

In home assessment

The in home assessment lasts approximately 1 hour. During this time, we will sit and have a conversation discussing in more detail your needs. Then we will walk through your home and talk about specific areas or projects. We will talk about what your priorities are and start forming a game plan for how to begin and proceed. A flat charge of $50 will be due at the end of the in house assessment.

Organizing Sessions

Organizing sessions typically last 3 hours. Longer sessions may be possible depending on the situation and client. The minimum length for a session is two hours. Organizing sessions are billed at an hourly rate and payment is due at the end of each organizing session.

Organizing sessions occur in your home and together we work on the organizing project. I work alongside you providing suggestions and support. You are the ultimate decision maker in this process. At the end of the session, we will review the progress made, clean up the area we have worked on, often I will give the client mini-projects to work on between organizing sessions, and finally we will discuss what we will work on during the next session. During an active organizing project sessions are typically scheduled every two weeks. In some situations it may be helpful to schedule more frequently.

Some clients are able to implement a plan once we have worked together to create a strategy. I help develop the framework and then they do the hands on work themselves. That is great!

Others need a little more encouragement and help. I can work with a client to get the project to a point where the client can maintain it on their own.

For some clients, self maintenance can be a challenge. We are interested in building long term partnerships with clients who need ongoing help with organizational maintenance of their homes. This may mean having a standing monthly or twice monthly organizing session to help you keep things in order.